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Changing lithium battery postage policy.

Unfortunately Amazon will not post items with lithium batteries to places such as Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands, basically any UK location where air travel is needed.

This is because there are restrictions on lithium batteries being sent by plane. This guide explains how to change your postage policy so that you cannot sell items with lithium batteries to these locations.

Step One -

Head over to your inventory page and search by "Item Description".

In the search bar type "lithium battery.

Then press enter.

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 10.58.51.png

Step Two -

All products which have lithium battery in the description will now be loaded.

Select "Edit all listings".

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 11.01.31.png

Step Three -

You will then be taken to the bulk listing editor.

Select all the listings.

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 11.02.42.png

Step Four -

Select "Edit Fields" and then select "Postage Policy".

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 11.02.54.png

Step Five -

Go down to "Postage Policy" and select 'Change to" from the drop down.

Then select 'Create".

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 11.03.15.png

Step Six -

Firstly give the policy a name and then scroll down to "Domestic Postage". The information should be as below:

Services : Other 48 Hour Courier

Dispatch Time : 1 working day

Free P&P : Please tick this box

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 11.03.45.png

Step Seven -

Please make sure the Global Shipping programme is ticked.

Now scroll down to "Exclude postage locations" and select 'Create exclusion list". 

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 11.04.04.png

Step Eight -

Now tick the boxes for all domestic locations as shown in the photo and select "Apply".

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 11.04.15.png

Step Nine -

Select "Save and close"

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 11.04.34.png

Step Ten -

Select "Save Changes"

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 11.05.11.png

Step Eleven-

If successful a notification will pop up to show this.


Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 11.06.23 (2).pn
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