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eBay Listing Limits

eBay Listing Limits are an important consideration when growing your business. In this guide we break down what they different types of limits mean. There are two types of eBay listing limits, your number of listing limits and listing limits value. You can find what your current limits are by accessing the eBay Seller Hub Overview and scrolling down the Listing Limits section.

What's the difference between the two types of eBay Listing Limits? 

Number of Listing Limits = The quantity of items you are currently able to list on your eBay account. 

Listing Limits Value = The overall value of your listings in £

You can check your Listing Limits at any point in the month by checking the Overview page to ensure you do not exceed your limits and use the graph as a visual reminder. 

This is an example of what Listing Limits can look like on the eBay Seller Hub Overview page. 

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