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Frequently asked questions

What does "Critical Issue" mean?

Critical Issue means the item has either been removed off Amazon so the listing no longer exists, or there is an issue with the data. These can be removed off Dilato every few weeks if not back available. Make sure to end them on eBay first, and then do a health check so they'll also show in your "ended" section.


Why have some listings not been added and failed?

After you upload the “Product Creation CSV”, you may notice no or a very small amount of listings are added. You can check this by downloading the “Download Results” from the seller hub for that upload. Once you open that file, go to column “E” called “Error Message”. Read the error message and look for the word “Error”, this will be the reason the products were not listed. The usual reasons are because you have hit your limits or the data needed by eBay is not on Amazon. If you need any help with this, just email


How do I deal with returns?

One of the many benefits of Amazon is that they provide free returns for every item. The best way to deal with returns is to use their Royal Mail QR code option. To use this, request a return, put the reason as “performance or quality not adequate” if you do not have a genuine return reason. Then select “Royal Mail Drop off – no printer required” & download the label as an image. Then just send this over to your buyer on the return request with a message like this template below:



I have just sent over your pre paid Royal Mail return QR code. Please just take the item to your local Post Office which accepts label printing, show them the code on your phone, they will print the label for you & deal with the rest.

Please let me know if you need any assistance with this.

Many thanks,”


What to do if the item has changed price or OOS?

Amazon price/stock is constantly changing, so you will have item which you sell which have changed price or are no longer in stock, this is normal as your price/stock levels only update when you do a price/stock update.

The first thing to do is to see if you can find the item from another seller. If you cannot find another seller, see if you can find a very similar item, a lot of items on Amazon are just rebranded but the same item. If you cannot find anything else, please wait 24 hours, there is a very good chance it will come back into stock or go back to the original price. If it does not, then you will need to cancel the order. We have another guide which explains how to do this and not get defects.


Why can’t I use promoted listings?

Your account must be 90 days old with sale history to be able to use promoted listings.


Does Dilato end my listing on eBay if I delete it off Dilato?

No. As we have no API connection, if you delete an item off Dilato, you need to delete it off eBay too. If you do not, you will have a product which is not being updated. 


To end listings quickly, end them on eBay and then do a health check. The ended listings will then show in your "ended" section on Dilato and you can remove in bulk.

What do the columns mean when importing products into Dilato?
Processed - The number of listings available for import
Imported - Successfully added to your inventory
Blocked - Blocked for being a VERO risk
No offers - Not a prime item or a data issue
No data - Import still pending or data issue
Duplicates - It already exists on your Dilato
Pending - Not finished importing

To see a more detailed breakdown of your imports, click "view" under "products".


How long does it take for Gold ASINs to be added?
Gold ASINs are added within 24 hours Monday - Friday.


What do I do if my inventory shows a certain number of listings but I can't find some of them? 

If you go to your Dilato inventory and from the dropdown menu press the option 'Review Products' the items may have been added to the Review section whilst being imported to your account.


As the items have not been accepted or rejected they therefore will not show within your Dilato inventory yet are still on your Dilato account.


What to do if an item doesn't appear on Amazon
Step One - the first place to look is to paste the item asin into Google. There can be times when an item does not show on Amazon's website but is available. We would therefore suggest googling an asin first rather than searching through Amazon's search feature. 

Step Two - If step one is unsuccessful we would suggest entering to your search-bar and adding the product asin at the end. There can be times where Amazon glitches and the page for the product cannot be located.  However we have found using this method can take you directly to the product page. 

What to do if you cannot access the Ebay Seller Hub? 

To resolve this issue you will need to manually create a listing. Once you have done this the Ebay Seller Hub will then become active and accessible to you. 

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