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Important Information to read before starting

Taking It Slow
eBay do not like quick growth on new accounts. If you have a brand new eBay, or have not sold before, we recommend to list items very slowly and scale your store slowly. On a brand new eBay you should manually list and sell some items, this is to get some feedback and history on the account. You should then add no more than 15-20 items per day during your first month and do not go higher than 250 listings. Once you are in your second month you should not list more than 50 items at once and go no higher than 500 items. Once your account has more history, you can scale much quicker.

Selling Limits
All eBay accounts have selling limits, this means you can only list a certain amount of items each month. Some accounts have low limits, some have high limits. On new accounts generally you have low limits which means you cannot list many items. If this is the case you just need to be patient and wait for eBay to raise them, or request a raise.

If your account is using PayPal or managed payments, you will find they will hold your money for up to 21 days before releasing it. This is because as a new seller they want to check your items will receive the item. Usually after 30 days these holds disappear so you get your money straight away, however it can differ from account to account.

Being Patient
This really isn't a get rich quick scheme, it is a business. We always say the first 30 days is for building the foundations and feedback on the account. 250 listings is small in the world of drop shipping so we recommend to increase your number of listings once every 20-30 days to ensure the best growth path.

You will start to notice a massive increase in sales and profitability as you increase your number of listings. This is largely a numbers game, the more listings you have the more you'll sell.

Backup eBay
Once you have learnt the ropes we recommend to look at opening a backup eBay which is unlinked to your main. Having another unlinked eBay account not only means you'll sell a lot more, but it also means if anything happens to one account, the other is not affected.

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