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How to sell using multiple accounts.

If you want to take your business to the next level, it is more important than ever to have multiple active eBay accounts which are unlinked. Having multiple unlinked eBay accounts not only means you'll sell a lot more, but it also means if anything happens to one account, the other is not affected. 

So what are all the benefits of having multiple active eBay accounts?

  • You'll be selling more items, so you'll will be making more money.

  • If anything ever happens to your main eBay, you can move over to a reserve account which will have a sales history and higher limits so you can get selling instantly.

  • You can test categories you don't currently sell in to see if they sell well without the risk of losing the sales on your main eBay.

  • You can have accounts which specialise in different categories.

  • You can test different pricing strategies to see what works best. Such as having a high profit margin with promoted listings, or a lower profit margin with no promoted listings.


Are we allowed to have numerous eBay accounts?

Yes, there is no limit on how many eBay accounts you can have, as long as the accounts are managed well, eBay do not mind. The most important thing is to keep the accounts unlinked, this will mean if anything happens to one, the other accounts will not be connected to it and therefore not affected.


How do we make sure all the accounts are not linked?

When you make a new account you want to use slightly different details to any other account you may have. We have noticed eBay mainly link accounts in five ways: Name, Address, Phone Number, Bank Details, and Browser/IP.

- So firstly with name, if your name is "Bob Oliver Smith" for example and the registered name on your main account is "Bob Smith", you might put the name on another account as "Mr B.Oliver".

- Then with your address, it is important to use a different one to what it is on your other eBay account/s. You can use a friend or relatives, or if you have a ltd company you can use the address of the formation company.

- With your phone number you just need to get a free sim as you only need it to get the verification code for the account when you set it up.

- You will need to use a different bank account on the new eBay account to keep them unlinked.

- Then with your browser/IP you might use Chrome on one account, Firefox on another, and Safari/Internet Explorer on the final one. For the IP you just use your phones hotspot to create the account.

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