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Resolving item not received cases on eBay. 

There can be times when eBay customers message or open a case explaining that they have not received their items. As it is not possible to upload Amazon tracking to eBay we have broken down the steps you can take to resolve item not received cases. 

It is important to note that although there are external tracking systems available we do not advise using these softwares as they can put your eBay account at risk. 

The first step we would advise taking is to ask the customer to check in usual places an item may have been left, for example, behind a bin or other items, like a bush or flowerpot. 

It also beneficial to ask the customer if another member of the household could have accepted the item on the customers behalf. 

If this is not successful we suggest using the example message structure below. You can change this structure as you like to ensure it best suits your unique situation. 

Example Message Structure

We would recommend always sending this message as a direct message and not replying to the customer via the none received case window: 


My name is ..... and I represent ..... Store, I just want to apologise for you having to get in touch regarding your item on a none received item basis.


We have just chased this up with the courier and we can see it says delivered on Date And Time, please see attached what their internal tracking states.


Please can you check with neighbours or see if any family members have accepted the item for you? If it is still nowhere to be found we can get the bodycam footage from the courier and see where they have left it.

I'll resolve this matter for you so do not worry. Again - I'm sorry you've had to check up on this, customer satisfaction and experience are so important to me.


Kindest regards,

"Your Store""

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