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How to use Dilato description templates.

Dilato description templates is a free tool which allows you to have a fully customisable description template for your listings. 
Step One-
Head over to "template" on your Dilato account. This is where you will edit the template by choosing the colour and font you would like, and also adding your own logo.

We will come back to this after we have added your store information on your account settings page.

Screenshot 2020-09-17 at 09.38.45.png

Step Two -
Head to your "store settings", this is where you can add your own custom text about different parts of your business. You will need to add text for the following:
- Why buy from us?
- Feedback text
- Return Text
- Delivery Text

We created it so you can add your own text as we didn't want all our users to have exactly the same listing information and ensure your listing does not contain the same as everyone else. This is also to protect your account so there is no way of them being linked.

Screenshot 2020-09-17 at 09.52.12.png

Step Three -

Here is the sort of thing you want to write into each section:

Why buy from us? - This wants to be a bit about your store, who you are, and why someone should purchase from you.

Feedback text - This is where you want to add about how they contact you and also about leaving feedback.

Return Text - This is where you want to provide your return information.

Delivery Text - This is where you want to describe your delivery service.



Screenshot 2020-09-17 at 09.52.12.png

Step Four -
After adding your own text for the sections, head back to the "template" page.

The first step on this page is to add your store logo to the template. To protect your account we have made it so you can host your own logo. If you don't have a logo for your store you can design one using a free logo maker and copy the URL link.

If you already have a logo and you need to make it into a URL, google "free image hosting", there are a large number of options to choose from.

Screenshot 2020-09-17 at 16.24.12.png

Step Five -

After you have your logo and the URL link for it, paste it into the section "Logo". This will embed your logo into the template.

Screenshot 2020-09-17 at 12.29.21.png

Step Six -

Now you can select your font style (5 to pick from), theme colour, and also text header colour. 

Screenshot 2020-09-17 at 12.30.40.png

Step Seven -
To view how your template looks, just select "preview" and you will be able to see how the template will display on eBay. You can make as many changes as you like to get it perfect. Once you are happy with your template select "save changes". 

NOTE - Templates has been set up to not include the product images. This is because in a product description the images are not rehosted so the URL is the direct Amazon URL, they are rehosted however in the main product photos. This is all to protect your account from being flagged.


Step Eight -
Now you have saved your template, our next step is to add it to your existing listings. 

Firstly, head over to your "view inventory page". You will now see under "price/stock CSV" you have a new dropdown menu. From here you need to select "With Description". Now repeat the exact same process as doing a price/stock update. You can find the guide for this by clicking here.

NOTE - If you have used "review & list" on Dilato, your title and description will still have your exact same changes. If you have changed your descriptions within eBay, these will update to the new format.

Screenshot 2020-09-17 at 12.39.32.png

Step Nine -
You can now check your listings to see if all the descriptions have changed over. If they have, you are ready to go.
If not, email us at

If you ever want to change your template style, just repeat this exact same process & they will all be updated.


You can create your own templates on websites like Fiverr. 

Here is an example of a template which one of users has had designed on Fiverr.

Screenshot 2020-09-17 at 15.png
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